inet-logistics: Optimizing Multi-mode Transport Processes

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Oswald Werle, CEO, inet-logisticsOswald Werle, CEO
“The logistics and transportation industry is being redefined by growing transport volumes, changes in freight movement models, and the emergence of new markets across continents,” points out Oswald Werle, CEO, inet-logistics. For enterprises and supply chain stakeholders looking to augment their transport capacity utilization and improve their carbon footprint, implementing a Transport Management System (TMS) is a cost-effective and viable option. With a focus on optimizing transportation processes in real-time, Chicago, IL-based inet-logistics has established its presence as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider in the logistics domain by offering dedicated modular logistics software— inet TMS. inet TMS is an assortment of various value-adding modules— transport management, freight cost management, container management, and transportation analytics—to enable real-time networking between supply chain stakeholders.

Concomitantly, inet TMS can be used module-by-module or as a highly-integrated transport management suite to connect global and multi-mode transport networks at both in- and outbound levels. For instance, if a company has a network of suppliers and logistics service providers, inet-logistics connects all these partners over their cloud-based transportation management platform.

In addition to increasing the asset utilization ratio, automating administrative processes, inet TMS provides all the stakeholders access to a single consistent and complete database containing integrated and real-time data for compliance with directives, tracking and tracing of shipments, and KPI reporting. “The seamless integration of transportation planning and execution is a key differentiator for us,” emphasizes Werle.

By offering a comprehensive and intelligent freight cost management solution, inet-logistics helps logistics service providers forgo double-billing incidences while helping them minimize freight costs through usage-based cost allocation and audit-proof freight costs calculations. In one instance, a client in the automotive industry implemented inet TMS to manage their transportation network themselves. inet-logistics analyzed the client’s transportation networks to identify their supplier’s geographical location and the routes that needed to be covered. Based on the analyses, inet-logistics suggested the implementation of inet TMS to efficaciously cover the client’s transportation network and to save and optimize the freight costs. “The concrete benefits accruing out of the implementation included a freight cost reduction of 20 percent along with a substantial decline in the client’s carbon footprint,” informs Werle.

An avid advocate of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud), Werle finds incredible potential in connecting a TMS with social networks to effectively gather information in a collaborative environment. “lnstead of implementing special telematics boxes in the trucks, where enterprises have to invest in both hardware and software and train the truck drivers for using them, using familiar messaging apps like Whatsapp would bring in the ease of use,” says Werle.

Additionally, inet-logistics is a multi-tenant cloud solution provider with an expertise in delivering real-time solutions that allows customers to work on a single system and enable cross-company collaboration and optimization. “This is a unique value proposition we have and with several ongoing projects in the U.S., we are really looking forward to bring this value to our clients here,” states Werle. With a consistent focus on the TMS segment, inet-logistics endeavors to provide their customers with best-of-breed enterprise-grade transport management solutions. Keeping in tune with the shift to mobile technologies, social networks, predictive analytics and cloud-based solutions, inet-logistics is all set to adopt a holistic approach towards enhancing their TMS in the future. “With a clear goal of attaining a CAGR of 25 percent, we are building up a global network of partners to ensure optimum scalability and faster growth,” concludes Werle.
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Oswald Werle, CEO

A leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with substantial know-how in the field of logistics

"The seamless integration of transportation planning and execution is a key differentiator for us"

- Oswald Werle, CEO